HR-Gradu -kilpailun voittaja 2016 valittu!

ke 25. tammikuuta 2017 11.42.00

HR-Gradu -kilpailun voittaja 2016 valittu!

Paras HR-Gradu -kilpailun 2016 on voittanut Erik Stenberg työllään Spicing up employee engagement - A case study of an open source program.

Stenbergin käytti työssään tutkimuksellista otetta sekä tarkkoja käsitemäärittelyitä. Työ käsittelee nousevaa ilmiötä ja Stenberg hallitsi aiheen perusteellisesti ja esitteli työnsä erinomaisesti.

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Abstract: The thesis explores the interrelationships between employee engagement and extrarole behaviour and activity through a mixed method case study. The case in question provides a highly interesting example of how the embodiment of extrarole behaviour and activities (ERB/A) in a program could serve to shape the circumstances under which employee engagement should form given earlier findings in terms of antecedents and mediators of engagement. Moreover, the study constitutes a response to an identified lack of both qualitative research and insights into the IT-industry in the field of engagement.

The study follows a pragmatist approach in two phases. Focus lies on studying the digital services company Futurice’ voluntary employee program Spice aimed at encouraging and supporting free-time open source coding. The first phase is constituted of a quantitative assessment of engagement at the company using the UWES-9 scale. The second phase makes use of qualitative research in a set of interviews aimed at forming an understanding of how extrarole activities is perceived by program participants to affect their employee engagement.

The findings indicate substantial correlation between reported effects from extrarole activity through program participation and antecedents as well as mediators of employee engagement as documented in previous research. Such correlation would suggest that ERB/A is more than a product of a one-directional relationship with employee engagement at the foundation.