HENRY – Finnish Association for Human Resource Management

HENRY is the most attractive arena for HR professionals with almost 3000 individual members and more than 100 corporate members.  

We pride ourselves for being the network of networks, having activities across Finland through our local branches, and embracing all aspects of people management through our thematic chapters in Helsinki metropolitan area. We are the forerunners in providing digital services to our members through eHENRY platform. We believe that the knowledge, competencies and ideas are vested with our members and each year more than 100 active HENRY members are organising and coordinating our professional networking events. 

Our annual flagship event HRx, co-organised together with the leading provider of events and trainings for professionals in Finland, brings together HR executives as well as national and international top speakers and influencers. HRx offers a premium meeting place for HR executives and the most interesting and relevant service providers.

In Helsinki area we organise weekly seminars/webinars in order to bring the latest insights and hands-on experiences on different topics relevant to HR professionals.

HENRY is a desired partner in different research and development projects and we are a recognised disseminator due to our large network and communication channels. 

HENRY is a member in several international and global associations and networks active in human resources management, training and development.