When an AI software help recruiters to fight unconscious bias!

14.10.2021 klo 16:00 - 17:00

Osoite: Webinar
Järjestäjä: International Chapter -verkosto

Is the scarcity of talent a Nordic problem? What do we mean by diversity and how to bring more diversity in the workplace?

Several studies have long shown the positive correlation between diversity of profiles and the economic and financial returns on a company. No one is questioning its undeniable competitive advantage. Yet, in some sector of activities such as Software companies/Information Technologies Services or the healthcare sector, the lack of gender diversity seems to be a systemic problem which can find its roots in early childhood education. Mentalities and Education curricula are changing but change is slow to happen.

The Nordic Tech scene has brought interesting tools to make it easy to include all qualified candidates and reach a more diverse talent pool. Innovative listed Nordic corporations are trying these tools to bring more diversity in the workplace.

Founded in 2017, Develop Diverse, a Danish AI software has landed a funding round of €2.5 million. The software has increased the number of female applicants of its customers by up to 80%. [*] The company Develop Diverse has shown positive results in the fight against unconscious bias, as companies such as Vestas and Danske Bank recruit more diverse candidates. **

Danske Bank Nordic filiales, including Finland, are also using Develop Diverse software.
The international chapter of HENRY ry is honoured to welcome Jenifer Clausell Tormos, PhD, Founder & CEO of Develop Diverse and Sofie Skovbo Gottlieb, D&I Community Lead, from Danske Bank

During this session, our guests will share concrete examples and why & how Develop Diverse and Danske bank decided to work together.
  • Welcome speech, International Chapter of HENRY ry
    Jenifer Clausell Tormos, PhD, Founder & CEO of Develop Diverse
    Sofie Skovbo Gottlieb, D&I Community Lead, Danske Bank
We will make the session as interactive as possible and encourage the audience to be involved to share their knowledge/questions and remarks for the benefit of all of us.

NOTE: The webinar is open for everyone, you need not be a HENRY member yet!
*Danske Bank results
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