WEBINAR: How to maximize the success of an international hire in the recruitment & onboarding process - Where culture meets personality?

28.01.2021 klo 16:00 - 17:00

Osoite: Zoom webinar
Järjestäjä: International Chapter -verkosto

Finland, like almost all European countries, is facing a shortage of highly-skilled workforce. The mobility of International workforce is a way for countries to maintain their model of society, amongst other things. What organisations in Finland can offer to attract these highly-skilled talents while maximising the retention rate. We will present a series of webinars called Global Mobility : How to make international assignments a success in Finland.
The first one of the series is dedicated on how to maximise the success of an international hire in the recruitment & onboarding process.
The recent report on “Talent Attraction and Work-related Residence Permit Models in Comparisons Countries” * shows that Finland seems to face difficulties in attracting skilled paid workers. According to the OECD Talent Attractiveness index, when looking at the attractiveness to highly skilled educated workers, Finland ranks 18th, whereas Sweden is 2nd, Netherlands 7th, Norway 9th and Denmark 12th. Yet, Finland manages to be more attractive to entrepreneurs and students.
Although it might be insufficient, Finland is attracting skilled paid labourers and our speakers will give concrete examples on how they did it and how they could encourage organisations in Finland to find positive leverages to encourage more highly skilled educated workers to relocate in Finland
* Publications of the Government’s analysis, assessment, and Research activities 2020 :54, page 11

  • Janina Kurki, Head of Nerd Attraction & People Development Partner, Sievo 
    Egbert Schram, Group CEO, Hofstede Insights

    NOTE: The event is open for everyone, so invite your colleagues along!


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