WEBINAR: A Resilient Employee Experience for the Future of Work

17.02.2021 klo 09:00 - 10:00

Järjestäjä: Henkilöstöjohdon ryhmä - HENRY ry

During 2020 the global pandemic has changed our lives in ways we could not have seen or imagined before. Prior to March 2020, digital transformation was critical to delivering a better customer experience and operational efficiencies. Today many companies are trying to adopt to new ways of working with employees working fully or partly from home as the new normal.
With this new hybrid way of working, challenges around employee experience and productivity, collaboration and digital wellness is hot topics on the companies agenda. This shift is also including HR to be a much larger partner in development of digital tools when moving into the next normal.
For this webinar, we have invited Jane Christopher, Senior HR leader at Citrix, to talk about her thoughts and experiences around culture, leadership, mental and digital wellness and give tips on how you as an HR-representative can support your business moving into the new future of work.  

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