Crossing HR Borders - How can you increase the well-being of your employees?

'Don't think outside the box, think outside your industry.' For a lot of HR problems today, a different domain has already solved that challenge. It can be very inspiring to cross some borders to gain new insights. And we're not talking about just crossing country borders, but also the borders of your discipline, industry or other unexpected resources. These insights can lead to specific solutions of the challenges that you're facing today.

Explore these examples in this monthly 'Crossing HR Borders' series.

Survey results show that more than two-thirds of U.S. employers offer wellness programs for their employees, while every dollar invested in corporate wellness generates a $1.50 return on investment.

Why are these programs so popular?
Because a good wellness plan improves employee morale, boosts productivity and lowers absenteeism.

Indeed, when people are in a state of wellbeing at work, they're able to develop their potential, be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions.

Let's reveal in this newsletter some inspirational actions of companies investing in wellbeing at work!

Lessons in power napping from NASA

Emergency doctors at Jessa Hospital can now powernap at night to stay fit and healthy. They crawl into a cocoon for a maximum of 20 minutes. NASA and the aviation industry have been working with this technology for some time. Both doctors and nurses can make use of the special cocoon. In this way, they want to reduce concentration disorders and stress during night work.

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable site containers. Long live the comfort container

You can innovate in all areas... Construction workers at a construction site also deserve comfort. Therefore, the craftsmen at 'Jansen the Building Company' will be getting a special comfort container. With more light, technological gadgets and even a roof terrace. Construction workers can now work and relax in more pleasant conditions.

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AB InBev extends paid maternity leave to 26 weeks

AB InBev will now offer its employees 26 weeks fully paid maternity leave. That's 11 weeks more than legally required in Belgium. AB InBev is also facilitating a return to work: if you wish, you can work at 75% for the first two months while your salary continues at 100%. For fathers or co-parents, the 100% paid birth leave goes up from 2 to 4 weeks. The new system will be implemented across Europe from November. It also considers new family compositions and is an important step in the brewery's wider commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Make room for authenticity and mental wellbeing

Buffer is not a company that makes its employees feel like they need to hide their emotions. There’s a strong belief in authenticity and encouraging people to be their complete selves at work and that means sharing the highs and supporting people during the lows.

CEO Joel Gascoigne freely shares the fact that he has darker days, even tweeting about times he’s been talking to a therapist as a way to deal with a sense of overwhelming. The company provides access to online therapists for its entire remote workforce along with free subscriptions to health and wellbeing app Joyable. Resources like Slack are used as a place to share and discuss mental health resources. There’s a huge emphasis on preventative measures – including the introduction of the ‘Unsick Day’ which is a day off that must be dedicated to preventative care.

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'Crossing HR Borders' is the result of a co-creation between Marc Heleven - Innovation researcher and Cyriel Kortleven - Global speaker on the Change Mindset.

These articles were first published in the Flemish HR Magazine ZigZag.
More info: www.cyrielkortleven.com