Crossing HR Borders - Nudging

'Don't think outside the box, think outside your industry.' For a lot of HR problems today, a different domain has already solved that challenge. It can be very inspiring to cross some borders to gain new insights. And we're not talking about just crossing country borders, but also the borders of your discipline, industry or other unexpected resources. These insights can lead to specific solutions of the challenges that you're facing today.

Explore these examples in this monthly 'Crossing HR Borders' series.

Stimulation by nudging? Or better, how can we install change in a smooth and very involving way, keeping every employee happily on board?

In this newsletter about change we give some new inspiration showing that change inside a company doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated, nor heavy. You can simply 'nudge'.

By constantly building bridges, looking for the fun-factor, putting emphasis on a clear communication and investing on a good performing team, you can better shape and carry the change process.

Nudge for nature

Nudging (nudge) literally means ‘gently encouraging someone'.
Most gentlemen know what the fly on a urinal means - a fine example of nudging.

At Virgin Atlantic Airways, they have combined the methodology of nudging with gamification to reduce air pollution. Pilots receive weekly information about the amount of fuel they use per flight combined with personal performance targets. The results speak for themselves: fuel emissions have been drastically reduced.

>>> What kind of nudges can you think of to subtly encourage your colleagues to behave in a positive way?

Your problem has already been solved elsewhere

The Sint-Maarten Academic Hospital in Mechelen was looking for a way to promote the importance of safety procedures in operating rooms among its staff. To this end, it worked with a Flight Safety Officer from an airline to introduce the 'check-check, double check' principle. Three staff members filmed a video in the cockpit of the plane to get the message across in a fun way.

>>> Which industry has certain procedures that would fit in well with your organization?

The wrong room

The wrong room is a patient room where mistakes have been made intentionally: is the patient wearing the right shoes, is the bed in the lowest position, is the alarm bell plugged in? Two people enter the room each time: a nurse and a physiotherapist who are given 10 minutes to discover the 20 mistakes in the room. They also have to indicate why it is wrong and then receive feedback on their actions and explanations.

>>> How would such a wrong room look like in your organization?

Everyone must know everything

Submarine Marines are the most highly trained people in the navy. Every employee must know, be able to maintain and repair every system and component of the submarine. And that is not easy because these training courses are often very technical and the technology is constantly changing. This way, everyone has the right skills to respond adequately in case of emergencies.

>>> Are there any 'all-rounders' in your organization who can be placed in any department to take over certain basic tasks?

'Crossing HR Borders' is the result of a co-creation between Marc Heleven - Innovation researcher and Cyriel Kortleven - Global speaker on the Change Mindset.

These articles were first published in the Flemish HR Magazine ZigZag.
More info: www.cyrielkortleven.com